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Provas Chandra Sorcar whose professional name is Magician PC Sorcar Young started practicing magic at an early age. The youngest son of Padmashree Jadusamrat PC Sorcar and Basanti Devi, Magician PC Sorcar, Young is representing the eighth generation of magicians. Needless to mention here that he learnt this oldest art of India directly from his illustrious father.

Magician PC Sorcar Young is often called the Leonardo-De-Vinci of India. It is because; Magician Sorcar Young himself is a Mathematician, Musician, an accomplished Aviator and an Indian Classical Ballet Dancer.

A lover of Science, especially Mathematics, SORCAR Young completed his Master's Degree from Calcutta University. He had Pure Mathematics in his master.

PC Sorcar Young is also a Sitarist. He learnt Sitar playing from Pandit Guru Asit Ganguly. Most of the melodious music's of his magic show - INDRAJAL are composed by him.

Magician P. C. Sorcar, Young is a Private & Commercial Pilot.
He obtained both Private and Commercial Pilot's License from the Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India.

He was married with CHITRA, who has also mastered herself in Mathematics from Calcutta University. CHITRA is the only daughter of Sri S. K. Chakravarty, an ex. Senior Government Official of Textile Division.

Sorcar Young & Chitra gave birth to a son Pouroosh and a daughter Purnasha.

Pouroosh has already learnt the art of magic from his father. He often participates in his father's magic show and known as P.C. Sorcar (Pouroosh).

The Versatile Man, Sorcar Young is an Indian Classical Dancer too. He learnt this art from Guru Uday Shankar & Kalu Shankar, the great dancers of India.

In 1982, Sorcar Young composed & choreographed a ballet on the life of Emperor Ashoka. This ballet, RHYTHM OF 262 BC created , sensation and helped to bring out Dancer Provas Chandra into limelight. The popular record company of India - INRECO recorded the melodious music of his dance show and marketed worldwide. They published two disc records one EP, and other LP.

A true talented master in various fields, Sorcar Young Chose MAGIC as his. profession because his parents always wanted young Provas to become a magician. His illustrious father took initiative and trained . Young Sorcar from the grass root level. To be very frank PC Sorcar Young's magic show INDRAJAL reminds & reflects the image of his father.